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Where to start. Minecraft is the jewel in many a student eye and a nightmare to many a parent and teacher who know that students live for this tool. Harnessing the power of this tool and primary sources began a fruitful collaboration between the History Colorado Preservation Education Team and Hulstrom Options School in Adams 12 School District. 

Using historic places and National Register nominations, students researched historic places in their state of Colorado and put their research and building skills to use using Adobe and Minecraft.  the results continue to be worked on and samples are below. The project met state and national standards in Social Studies as well as ISTE(s) and ISTE(t) standards and resulted in student understandings around the significance of historic places, building architecture, and cultural heritage.

Resources for Supporting Minecraft in the Classroom: 

Presentation: NCSS Presentation
Library of Congress: http://www.loc.gov/
Library of Congress Teaching With Primary Sources: http://www.loc.gov/teachers/classroommaterials/
National Trust for Historic Preservation: National Trust Website
Your Local State Historic Preservation Office: (SHPO) SHPO Offices

Examples of Using This Tool With Primary Sources:

Below are links to lesson plans, student examples and ideas for using Minecraft in your classroom with Primary Sources.  We focused on Colorado Historic Places!

Student Examples of Finished Projects Pinned on a Google Map


CAL Gets Geeky!

Colorado Association
of Libraries 
2015 Conference

We are excited to be part of the 2015 CAL Colorado Association of Libraries Conference in Loveland, Colorado!  Collaboration is our game, and as a teacher-librarian team we believe in sharing what works in the classroom and beyond.

Check out the links below for ideas using social media that can empower your programming, engage students and the public in the classroom and library, and build capacity in a staff while supporting critical outreach.

Resource Links: 

Want to engage with more technology ideas and collaborate? Check out the Teaching With Primary Sources Program Teacher Librarian Days here: 

Teaching Strategies: 


My Way: Curating Knowledge Through the Use of Authentic Primary Sources

Theodore Roosevelt Inauguration
Library of Congress Panoramic Photos

Connecting students to historic places, time, eras, and their world is easier using primary sources. Join in the inquiry and let students explore in the classroom! 

Resources for the use of primary sources in the classroom from today's presentation: 

Library Of Congress Primary Sources Panoramic Photographs: 

Other Primary Sources Ideas: 


USS Colorado: Honored Service

Teachers participated in a two day series of events studying the USS Colorado and preparing for the launch of the new USS Colorado Submarine which will be placed into service in 2016.

Members from the USS Colorado Commissioning Committee, Teaching with Primary Sources Colorado program, History Colorado, and the Denver Post Newspapers in Education program brought teachers together to study the history of the USS Colorado along with literacy strategies and technology strategies for the classroom. Along with this classroom instruction- scholars shared information about the USS Colorado in history through the use of Google Hangouts.

The Two Geeks were happy to support this effort and honor not only the legacy of the USS Colorado, but also the future of Colorado's namesake submarine.

Resources for the classroom can be found here:

Google Hangouts on the USS Colorado, literacy strategies, and other topics can be located here:

The USS Colorado website from our partners is located here:


Ludlow Teaching Resources: Examining Labor in Colorado History With Primary Sources and Historic Place

Historic Ludlow Resources
Teaching with Primary Sources and Historic Places

Denver Post Newspapers in Education, Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources, History Colorado 

Compilation of resources from the Ludlow teaching experience
(Almost all resources can be found on this site for reference):

Specific Resources:

Google Hangouts:

Ludlow Research (History Colorado  and Professor Thomas Andrews)

Ludlow Historic Site (United Mine Workers)

Ludlow Centennial Commission:

Teaching with Primary Sources Collaborative Wiki:

Partner Contact Information:

Denver Post NIE Program:

TPS Colorado Program:

History Colorado Educator Resources: