USS Colorado: Honored Service

Teachers participated in a two day series of events studying the USS Colorado and preparing for the launch of the new USS Colorado Submarine which will be placed into service in 2016.

Members from the USS Colorado Commissioning Committee, Teaching with Primary Sources Colorado program, History Colorado, and the Denver Post Newspapers in Education program brought teachers together to study the history of the USS Colorado along with literacy strategies and technology strategies for the classroom. Along with this classroom instruction- scholars shared information about the USS Colorado in history through the use of Google Hangouts.

The Two Geeks were happy to support this effort and honor not only the legacy of the USS Colorado, but also the future of Colorado's namesake submarine.

Resources for the classroom can be found here:

Google Hangouts on the USS Colorado, literacy strategies, and other topics can be located here:

The USS Colorado website from our partners is located here:


Ludlow Teaching Resources: Examining Labor in Colorado History With Primary Sources and Historic Place

Historic Ludlow Resources
Teaching with Primary Sources and Historic Places

Denver Post Newspapers in Education, Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources, History Colorado 

Compilation of resources from the Ludlow teaching experience
(Almost all resources can be found on this site for reference):

Specific Resources:

Google Hangouts:

Ludlow Research (History Colorado  and Professor Thomas Andrews)

Ludlow Historic Site (United Mine Workers)

Ludlow Centennial Commission:

Teaching with Primary Sources Collaborative Wiki:

Partner Contact Information:

Denver Post NIE Program:

TPS Colorado Program:

History Colorado Educator Resources:


Colorado Education Initiative Showcase 2015

Two Geeky Teachers and the Colorado Education Association are proud to be part of the Colorado Education Initiative Showcase this summer. We are pleased to be able to share innovative ideas for teaching and learning that focus on meaningful learning, time to teach effectively, and the integration of technology and literacy strategies to allow students to reach their true potential in an authentic learning environment.

We are all about the sharing so here are some more resources to use in your classroom:

250 Ways to Use Primary Sources in the Classroom

21st Century Learning Livebinder

20 Technology Tool SLAM

Presentation CEI Showcase 2015


Kahoot and Primary Sources! It's a Hoot!

We finished a unit where students studied one person who was influential in the founding of our colorful Colorado!  The students studied and dressed up to represent their Coloradoan.  Parents came to celebrate with us and listen to these wonderful wax museum presentations.  At the end of the evening, we challenged the parents to a Kahoot about these important Colorado people.  It was the most successful event ever and parents were very engaged and even commented on social media about how fun it was.  Here are a few screenshots of the game, primary sources and how we utilized it.   Parents just went to the website Kahoot.it and typed in the code and a nickname.  After every question, the top scorers are listed on the screen.  It makes for an exciting game show style quiz format.  Try Kahoot!   Here is a link to their Blog for a few more ideas!